Hey! I am Lisa.  Like all moms, I am in a constant state of trying to keep all the balls in the air without letting anything of importance come crashing down.  While in many ways women have it so much easier than our mothers, in other ways are lives are so much crazier, busier and more stressful. Our kids are in activities multiple days a week, and the activities are all over town, not just at their school. We have stressful jobs but still are carrying more than half of the load at home. We are taking care of aging parents while we are still raising our own children.   We put out the hottest fires first, which generally means we do not take care of ourselves, we skip the gym, we buy convenience foods, etc. 

I did not really start cooking until after college when I first moved out of the house.  Through my twenties I found a love of cooking not only for myself but for others. I loved having friends over for dinner parties.  I still love having people over for dinner but my meals have become so much more sophisticated than those early dinner parties. Through the years I have become quite the foodie and love playing with new flavors and food combinations. 

After the birth of my first child, I started my journey with “clean eating”.   However, my journey has been slow. Over the past ten years, I have been balancing my legal career, two kids, a husband who owns his own business, moving my family to a new state, and a host of other stressors. Early on I made small changes. But I never felt like I had the time to meal prep or the time to cook after a long day of work.  Most days my mantra was “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” 

  Today,  my family eats “cleanish,” which means we eat clean for most of our meals but we also incorporate some “worth it” foods into our lives.  That doesn’t mean I am always in the kitchen. I have learned to streamline my food shopping and cooking so that I am not constantly at the grocery store or in the kitchen. 

Welcome to my page where I will share with you my love of cooking with my pursuit to eat cleanish.


“travel food”

“travel food”

We travel quite a bit for my son’s soccer games.

When we first started out I failed to plan food and we ate out a ton and we got whatever was fast and close by. If you have ever traveled for kids sports then you know that these weekends are usually in remote areas and/or they are so jammed packed with games and meetings that you don’t have time to explore to find good food; therefore you eat crap.  

In addition, I have to consider fueling my little athlete with the right foods because what is the point of it all if he is going to eat poorly and be sluggish during the whole tournament? 

fail to plan then you plan to fail

I have learned through my meal prepping that I have to prepare for these types of weekends.

I grew up on all the fast food joints. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Burger King’s burgers but McDonalds fries. But now with how clean we eat, I can hardly bare to walk-in to fast food place. Especially when I know what it is going to do to my stomach!  So instead, I make everyone a little lunch box for the ride down. These little lunch boxes by Ziplock are perfect. They are easy for the kids to hold and have separate compartments. I make them fun and interesting enough that no one feels deprived.

I also pack everyone snack bags of their favorite bars, jerky, nuts and dried fruit.  The cooler gets filled with La Croix so that the boys get their fizz fix that they like from soda. I also pack a ton of fruit in the cooler. 

Then there are the items I pack to make lunches and snacks while I’m at the games. I think about foods that will give Logan the energy he needs without slowing him down.  

When I go to a soccer tournament, I don't stress about food because I am prepared. I do not have to waste time searching for a store or waste calories by eating fast food.  

Don't get me wrong, we still eat out but it is for local fare and food that is "worth it". I don’t miss a chance to get Cuban food when in Florida!!!

"deconstructed meal prep"

"deconstructed meal prep"